March 2023

Around March 2023 Starstruck were on the lookout for people to apply for the 2nd series of the show and after being a fan of the first series I thought it would be super fun and a huge national platform being on ITV Primetime telly! I am a big fan of JB however my son Louie is his biggest fan so it only made sense to apply to be him and thought the idea of the transformation would be pretty drastic and not to predictable! With thousands applying the audition process starts off online and then if successful you then attend face to face auditions, creative days and workshops until eventually they choose and cast the final three contestants for each chosen team!! When I received the phone call to say I would be appearing on the show as the final three this blew my mind and I could not believe it to be honest! From there on I had the most incredible time preparing for the show working with some of the most highly respected choreographers, vocal coaches and the producers of the show who were absolutely faultless and really looked after us! I met some truly great people and made some friends for life.  

"Ali you pulled us in like Justin does! It was great!’"

"You captured the breathy, airy element of his voice!"

When it came down to the performance the set and stage was like nothing I’d seen before hosted by the legendary Olly Murs I couldn’t believe I was on standing in front of the 4 superstar judges Beverley Night, Jason Manford, Adam Lambert and Shania Twain!! Although I was super nervous, I was absolutely buzzing and enjoyed every second of the performance!! We got a great reception from the live audience and the feedback from judges was really positive as well!! The reaction from people has been insane and really overwhelming especially from my hometown everyone has been so supportive and reached out with such nice comments! Obviously, you can’t be naïve to the fact that there will be a few online trolls jumping on the bandwagon however some of them have been hilarious and you just have to laugh it off!!:) I absolutely adore my wife, family and kids who were really proud and my son Louie’s exact words were ‘Daddy, you smashed it!’ so in my eyes it was job done!:) 

"All three of you captured the swagger of Justin Bieber"

"You definitely made your family proud tonight’"

Performing Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ on Starstruck inspired me to record a cover of the song, in my own style, which you can view below..

Starstruck Gallery